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Winter Seasonal Guide

Continuing from Autumn to Winter, we head a little deeper into this Vata time of year. 

Colds and flu start to show up as we drink less water and eat/drink less healthy foods/beverages around the holidays. The air is drier and it’s COLD outside.

To avoid illness incorporate these to-do’s into your routine:

Get extra sleep (who doesn’t love this idea???) and aim to get in bed between 8-10 pm.

Add in a teaspoon of warmed melted ghee or coconut oil to your daily consumption of meals. It’s an amazing way to keep the insides lubed up and things flowing appropriately in the body. Cook will olive oil, ghee or coconut oil and add any of these oils to your dishes whenever possible.

Keep your head & neck warm! 

Add in these Ayurvedic herbal formulas:

  • Triphala
  • Turmeric
  • Chayawanprash

Keep moving! About 20-minutes per day is great this time of year so nothing stagnates in the body. Go for what feels good….a slow grounding practice if you feel stressed and scattered, something quicker that gets the heart rate up if you are feeling heavy and a bit stagnate.

Hot lemon water…every…single…day! You can add turmeric or cumin if you are feeling congested.

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