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Spring Seasonal Guide

Spring is the PERFECT time to detoxify and slough off that extra winter cargo you’ve been carrying around. A detox is also helpful in relieving allergies and sinus issues that tend to arrive with the change of winter into spring.

There’s more about detoxing here: Spring 11 Day Cleanse/Detox

Follow These General Recommendations for Spring:

The food intake should essentially comprise of light and easily digestible foods. The intake of fermented drinks and herbs—like dried ginger and honey—is particularly recommended for this season.

Add in these Ayurvedic herbs:

Turmeric will boost the immune system, purify the liver, and reduce inflammation, common in most allergic reactions.

Fresh Cilantro (coriander) juice and Aloe Vera gel drank throughout the day can cool hay fever symptoms.

Ginger & honey are also immune boosters with anti-inflammatory properties.

Go for Bitter Greens:

Any green is good but Dandelion, Thistle, Kale & Swiss Chard are very available in the spring and can be added to salads, smoothies & juices.

Amp up Your Movement:

Get into a more vigorous style of yoga or movement that makes your body happy. Spring is the time to really challenge yourself to get out there and sweat.

The main idea is to eat light (bitter, astringent, spicy) foods that clear out excess mucus and moisture from the body. You’ll want to reduce “kapha-aggravating” sweet, sour and salty foods which could cause water retention this time of year.

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