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Autumn Seasonal Guide

No matter what’s going on where you are, there’s no denying we’re in transition.  Soon the air will be cooler and a little more crisp, the days will be getting increasingly shorter, and pumpkin spiced everything will be…everywhere!

In the ayurvedic world, fall is considered Vata Season.

It’s a time when the energy of movement and change swirl through the air like the cool wind, drying, distracting, stimulating and exhausting every part of you.  But with just the right combinations of food, activities, and changes in your routine, you can feel nourished and inspired through the autumn and winter seasons rather than lackluster and depleted.

Follow These General Recommendations for Autumn:

The food intake should essentially comprise of food that are unctuous, oily and moist – think stews, soups, cooked vegetables, oats, dates stuffed with nut butter…

Incorporate foods that are grounding and heartier in nature and avoid light, dry, airy foods.

Add in these Ayurvedic herbs:

Triphala provides tonification and helps with elimination in the large intestines, the main site of Vata.

 Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, reduces factors that cause heart disease, warming, soothes sore throats & coughs.

Turmeric, Ginger & honey are also immune boosters with huge anti-inflammatory properties.

Go for Root Vegetables:

Any seasonal vegetable is great…beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, for example, are wonderful this time of year.

Slow Down Your Movement:

Get grounded through yoga. A warming slow practice that makes you feel grounding is best.

Get a printable version of your guide by clicking the cheat sheet below!