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Let Ayurveda Guide Your Day: Daytime Routine (Lunch & Evening)


1. Try to make lunch your biggest meal of the day. Eat in a pleasant, calm place without distraction.

2. Take some time to bless the food prior to eating.

3. After eating, if you can lay down on your left side for 5 to 20 minutes, this is ideal. Why? Because it helps the digestive organs to do their work to assimilate the meal. If you are at work, even just leaning to the left side in your chair will be helpful.


1. One afternoon routine that helps you deeply relax into your evening is the practice of yoga nidra – a yogi nap. It’s also nice to do this prior to dinner, just before sunset.

2. Eat light at night: Having your last meal before sun-down, and at least 3 hours before bedtime will ensure better sleep. If you feel feel hungry, drink one of my rasayana tonics like Golden Milk.

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