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Getting Started with Ayurveda

You’ll find Ayurveda is literally a way of living that brings you closer to a natural state of health in a holistic way. That being said, it is still new to many!

So, whether you are new to Ayurveda or just want a glimpse at a recipe or two. This is the place to start.

Want a seasonal guide (Ayurveda cheat sheet) on what’s best to eat, how to go-copyavoid common seasonal ailments (like allergies), and what herbs you should incorporate into your daily routine? Go get your guide.


go-copyFeel like you need a private Ayurveda Session with a practitioner to go a little deeper into your health issues or support your health goals? Schedule a session (virtual sessions via Skype areavailable as well as in-person sessions).

Working with Sonya on a private, one-on-one basis:
90-minute Initial Consultation: $120/60-minute Follow Up Consultation: $70


Always wanted to do a detox/cleanse but not into starving yourself go-copyto do it? Check out the cleanse/detox programs by Be Nourished With Ayurveda. They rock. Seriously.



Want to learn about proper food combinations that allows your digestive go-copyenzymes to work at maximum capacity (and lose that extra ‘spare tire’)? Read about the Ayurvedic Principals of Food Combining.


go-copyAre healthy recipes what you love most? Check out these Ayurveda inspired recipes.


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