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Ayurveda Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

Ayurveda recognizes the season of summer as the Pitta (fire) season. Just as you wouldn’t turn up the heat in your house during summer, you don’t want to turn up the heat inside your body when it’s already warm.

While the summer season can be truly transformative as the ‘fire’ element burns off what’s no longer needed, too much heat can cause inflammation and imbalance in the body. So, as the days begin to heat up, pay attention to how you feel especially mid to late season.

Fatigue, frustration, irritation, feeling burned out or losing steam, anger, resentment, digestive issues, heartburn, eczema, ulcers, rosacea, burning eyes, rashes and even allergies can be symptoms of a fiery Pitta flare-up.

To stay healthy, try these Ayurveda tips for summer:

  • Choose foods that are cool and light with sweet and bitter tastes.
  • Avoid foods that are spicy, red meat, citrus fruits, hard cheeses, tomato sauces, as well as excessive alcohol, salt, fried and fermented foods.
    Exercise in morning before the heat of the day gets too intense and interferes with motivation.
  • Drink more water than usual. This is not to be underestimated. Water helps skin replenish hydration content lost from the sun. It also cools internal inflammations and supports metabolism. Cool or room temperature water is the best option.
  •  Always apply sunscreen before going outside. I’m biased, but I use a Neem Rose Face Sunscreen from Pratima – 100% natural, broad-spectrum 30 SPF, with cooling and hydrating herbs of Neem and Rose.
  • Protect your scalp. The long, hot days can have harsh effects on our scalp and hair. Hats can certainly be a creative option, but you can also massage your hair and scalp with brahmi or coconut oil before spending prolonged periods outdoors. This will deeply nourish follicles, promote healthy hair, hair growth, manageability, and guard against the sun.
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